About our company and philosophy

About our company

JRS International Search Partners is an Executive Search firm that conducts assignments throughout the Asia Pacific Region across a broad range of industries.

We utilise a refined and extensive candidate sourcing methodology which includes industry mapping, competitor analysis, allied industry analysis, talent mapping, multi-database search and targeted approaches to referrals in order to identify high quality executive talent for our clients.

Our assessment methodology and validation process includes a proprietary blend of preferential, focussed and behavioural techniques as well as a finely tuned intuitive feel gained by our highly experienced Search Consultants from many thousands of interviews and decades of experience. This can be supported by psychometric tests and other assessment tools as well as behavioural reference checking.

Our Search consultants are mature business executives who have held senior management positions in their career and are also highly skilled in Executive Search. Accordingly, our ability to understand client needs and provide valuable advice comes from our commercial experience as well as highly developed skills in executive advisory services.

Our philosophy

We believe that our clients are intelligent and successful business people who understand their business and know what they want. However, they have engaged our services to provide expertise beyond their internal ability. Accordingly, they require our services to be of a high standard and add value in order to achieve the outcomes they require. In particular, this will require our consultants to:

  • understand Client needs at a deep strategic level.
  • utilise a highly refined research methodology to identify high quality talent.
  • be skilled in approaching senior executives in a professional manner and gain their interest regarding a particular role.
  • represent the Client’s brand values and reputation.
  • provide clients with valuable advice and insights on competencies, culture fit, management style, long term potential, market value etc.
  • act as the interface between the Client and Candidates in order to negotiate mutually acceptable outcomes.
  • have a commitment to honesty, integrity, dignity, confidentiality, transparency, high level customer service, value for money and making the entire process as pleasurable and efficient as possible for all parties involved.
  • continue contact after employment to attend to any issues that may arise and provide relevant counsel if required.